Masjid Darul Makmur

Infaq Khas $50 (Madinah Ajwa)

Infaq Khas Kurma Ajwa

We seek your contributions in collecting the fund of Darul Makmur Mosque's operational needs.
Although the congregants have lessen because of Covid-19 pandemic, we are still in operation and providing services to our community.

Get one box of Madinah Ajwa Dates (500grams) FREE for every $50 contribution.

The coupon will be mailed out to the address registered.

Collection of Madinah Ajwa Dates starts from 4th April 2021 during operational hours at these 2 locations:

1) Darul Makmur Mosque, 950 Yishun Ave 2, S(769099)

2) Al Barakah Hypermart Store HQ, 48/50 Joo Chiat Road, S(427371)

Coupon(s) must be presented for Collection of Ajwa Dates. Receipts will not be entertained.

Your donations will keep the mosque alive.
May you reap the benefits of giving to charity in this sacred month. InsyaAllah..

**Please ensure your address is stated for the mailing of coupons


For payment via PayNow, please allow 2 working days for our Finance team to verify the payment
and send the Receipt to the email provided.
Please do not change the reference number given.